Affordable prices,
excellent experience and great packages.

Dominican Surgery has the sole mission to provide an affordable and reliable healthcare service for patients that seek to do medical tourism to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We present you a variety of practitioners who provide free quotes and instructions that makes a unique medical tourism experience.

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From “Coming Soon” to a reality!!

Dominicansurgery.com has officially opened up for services.

We have finally put everything together for our launch on this day. Dominicansurgery.com is now a reality for all patients that are looking to do medical tourism to the Dominican Republic. Our website offers a user-friendly look so you can find everything looked upon.

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Medical Tourism History

The concept of medical tourism is not a new one. The first recorded instance of medical tourism dates back thousands of years to when Greek pilgrims traveled from all over the Mediterranean to the small territory in the Saronic Gulf called Epidauria. This territory was the sanctuary of the healing god Asklepios. Epidauria became the original travel destination for medical tourism.

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